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And experienced New Jersey movers. Many years with excellent moving experience

78% Referral rate!

Because we’re most affordable and reliable moving company in area


Hundreds of moving reviews and experiences say it all

Well reviewed and highly trusted - NJ Moving has hundreds of positive reviews online on Yelp!, Angie’s List which speak for themselves.

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Relax, we got this! Have a stress-free journey to a place you are going to move

Moving is usually one of the most life’s stressful events, so we are here to help you manage relocation stress. NJ Local Moving will become the best way for you to move. From the minute you call us, you will be taken care of. Our team has been in the moving business for 12 years, and we are ready to take on any challenge. No matter what you need - packing, moving labor or delivery service - take this easy, you will get everything you need for a successful moving experience.

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In a hurry and need fast service?

NJ Local Moving makes possible last minute moves!

At NJ Local Moving we believe in giving you everything you might need in order to have the best short notice moving experience possible. You can always rely on us for the packing, unpacking, and other moving related tips that will save you time.

Moving Day

No matter if there is the end of the month and the most popular time for moving. We have enough equipment and people in staff not to avoid these peak moving days and make your plans accomplished!

number of movers

The more staff, the quicker the move! We will make sure you get the right number of movers to save on the total moving time.

the moving truck

If you use a medium truck, you may require multiple trips. But a large truck will be able to fit everything in one go, which will save you time and cost as well. We are here to help you determine the right size truck for your move!

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Fear of hidden price

Here at NJ Local Moving we have no hidden fees & all inclusive prices - you will get the final transportation cost after sending the brief and getting scheduled your inquiry with our manager.


Fear of damaged property

Careful movers at NJ Local Moving know that all belongings do really matter to you, so will transport your property with extreme care.


Fear of order cancellation

That’s already a true statement - NJ Local Movers always show up if the order is placed. Time you agreed to is exactly when you can expect us be at your service.

It is the quality of our people that makes us stand apart from the rest

Fully insured movers

NJ Local Movers is a fully licensed and insured company. We have a clean moving file as we work hard to ensure each client is handled with great care. When you move your house, get to know exactly how much stuff you’ve got. And if you lose any possessions, how much would it cost you to replace each and every piece of furniture. It is important that all your valuable items are protected. Your items are handled with the greatest amount of care, and we will cover damage if that’s caused on our behalf.


We only use the best equipment

At NJ Local Moving, we know that in order to provide the best service possible, we need the best equipment. That’s why all of our moving equipment is high quality and build to last. All of our trucks have air-ride suspension, which is the smoothest suspension system possible for the type of truck we use to move your belongings safely and smoothly.


Experienced carriers - we are the best at what we do

A lot of companies claim to be the best in their field, but few can back that claim up with consistent reviews. No matter where you look, NJ Local Moving has built a reputation for consistently providing 5-star or "A" rated service to our clients. Check out our Moving Reviews and Experiences to see for yourself that we are expert movers!


5 Stars on Yelp! doesn’t happen by accident

No hidden fees

Fully transparent payment system


And experienced New Jersey movers. Many years with excellent moving experience

78% Referral rate!

Because we’re most affordable and reliable moving company in area

More Than Just a Moving Service!

For us, protecting your household items is more than just work, it is a labor of love that we've been mastering during 12 years of training and practice. Our comprehensive services are entirely designed to save you valuable time and money.

01 / Packing service

We understand that you may not have the time to pack for your move. With packing assistance from our team, we take the hassle out of the packing process. Once you contact NJ Local Moving representative, we will schedule an appointment to visit your home or office to determine your packing needs. You can choose to have your entire home professionally packed by our team, or select specific rooms you would like packed. Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we are ready to get packing! Our team will securely wrap, box, and/or crate your items to prevent damage during your move.

02 / Unpacking service

Just as time-consuming as the packing of your items is the unpacking that follows your move. We provide high quality unpacking services to customers transitioning to a new home, office, or commercial space. Depending on your tier of service, we will:
— Bring all items into your home
— Empty all boxes on a flat surface in your home
— Unpack all boxes and place your belongings in the exact spot of your choosing

03 / Moving labor

Our moving helpers undergo professional training and have job experience specific to moving. Moving labor might seem basic to some people, but the procedures and policies we use are time-tested best practices for moving, which we’ve refined over 12 years and countless successful moves. We are fully licensed and insured, and proud to have maintained an “A” rating with the Yelp!, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting quality service at our affordable cost.

04 / Delivery service

Are you the one who can’t afford to purchase own delivery truck for the time being or don't have the warehouse space to store an inventory? NJ Local Moving is also available for all of your residential delivery and commercial delivery needs in the New Jersey state and across-country. We can deliver any type of product that you can think of. Our local movers have delivered televisions, washers, dryers, beds, mattresses, hot tubs, gun safes, and more to a wide variety of belongings.

05 / Commercial moving (office moving)

Our team specializes in executing commercial moves for companies of any size and we’re always striving to help our customers be as prepared as possible for the relocation. This is why, at the beginning of each moving project, we develop the most cost-effective relocation plan that addresses your specific needs and requirements. Because we work on the moving strategy closely with you, we can provide you with a customizable solution that is perfect in all ways.

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Collection of frequently asked questions and answers when looking for NJ moving company.
Contact us if you didn’t find an answer on your special question!


We are a full service moving company. We can do any size of move either locally or across the state of New Jersey. Your big home, small studio, office, retail storefront, storage unit, commercial or medical office – we have extensive experience with all kinds of moves. No job is too big or too small. Full packing of your belongings is available on request. We may also do unpacking of your stuff as well.


Yes, NJ LOCAL MOVING does. Usually on-site estimates are needed if:
1) there is a chance that more than one truck will be needed to do the move;
2) you need packing service for a large apartment or house.
Please contact our office and provide basic information such as your inventory list, moving distance; let NJ LOCAL MOVING know if you need packing service or not. Then we will be able to determine if you need on-site estimate or not. You may request an in-person estimate regardless our conclusion.


If you are planning to move on Friday or weekend, please, try to contact us as early as possible to set up your move. As a rule, 2 or 3 weeks in advance will work for any type of move. Please note that the end of each month is very busy time for each moving company. So you may want to contact us to get a quote 2 or 3 week prior to your move if it falls even on Monday or Tuesday of the last week of a month. NJ LOCAL MOVING’s one of specialties is last minute or emergency moves. We may assist with small moves at a last minute request! Give us a call now if you read this answer.


We strongly recommend you keep valuable items, such as: documents, currency, credit cards, jewelry, watches, bills, evidences of debt, securities, deeds, postage stamps, trading stamps, revenue stamps, letters, alcoholic beverages, collections coins, piece of art, precious metals or any other extra ordinary value items, with you. Extra ordinary value items will not be moved and/or packed, unless accompanied by specific proof of insurance for the same, because NJ Local Moving company will not assume any responsibility for these items.


Please call us immediately! The more advance notice you give us about your date change the more likely we are to be able to provide you with the new date you want. So give us a call right now!


Yes, we do this. NJ LOCAL MOVING does move rationally household and office items. For example, this can be a piano. Still, we can not move industrial equipment or machinery - any items heavier than 400 pounds.


NJ LOCAL MOVING company strongly recommend that you leave the drawers empty. All items must be packed into boxes to prevent loss or damage.


1. Thank you for choosing NJ Local Moving from Livingston, New Jersey. We appreciated that your interested in NJ Local Moving referral program! If you loved us or know somebody who needs professional mover ̶ we hope you will refer NJ Local Moving company to your family, friends and colleagues. Please fill out our referral form as much as you can.

2. If your referral chooses to use our moving service we will send you via PayPal $50 cash after their move is complete. It’s as simple as that. By the way, your friend also receive referral discount. Indeed, there is no limit on number of referrals you can make and of course no limit on number of referrals we will send you!

3. NJ Local Moving company will contact you again on their move date or the next available business date to confirm your info affiliated with your PayPal account and send you $50 cash reward.

If you are a fan of NJ Local Moving, refer a friend, relative or coworker and get your $50 ASAP.

*Referrers are only given a flat reward when they register a new customer to our company and that customer moves with our company. Only one reward will be given per referral (although people able refer as many people as they want. For example, you can refer 5 friends and get $250 cash). You cannot claim a referral reward of a move after it is completed. The referral reward is only applicable if submitted through NJ Local Moving online referral program (you must fill out referral form). NJ Local Moving will only distribute compensation for referral fees only if the referral submission was done prior to the move. If a referral form was submitted but the (new) customer already contacted the company and received a quote, the referral fee will not be rewarded.

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